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Publishing with PabPub 💙

PabPub is a hybrid publisher that provides multiple publishing choices and programs for authors by fusing the best practices of self-publishing with traditional publishing. PabPub is operated by authors who understand what it's like to write a book from scratch - which means we also know how difficult writing can be! That's why our services are focused on helping you handle all aspects of your publication process including editing, printing/manufacturing options (including ebooks), marketing advice in various forms such as blog opportunities or social media presence optimization.

How it works...

1st: submission

First, you write an amazing book. You submit to us and wait...


2nd: vetting

Our reviewers take some time to check out your book after submission to ensure it is at least up to standard.


3rd: publishing

Lastly we go further to evaluate the reviewers' opinion and then decide to enter a contract with the author for the book or not.


Publishing with PabPub's Print-on-demand Publishing 💙

Our hardcopy publishing is Nigeria's first print-on-demand publishing as authors and other publishers can now upload their books' softocopy to our bookstore for free, and then we print and distribute their books to all corners of Nigeria with ease every time someone places an order, even for a single copy.
This makes publishing truly free and easy.

Our publishing contracts 📝

PabPub understands that the needs of every author vary and one size can't fit all which is why we offer 2 distinguished hybrid contracts: Fluid (for those who prefer self-publishing) and Diamond (for those inclined towards traditional publishing). Both types are available in a higher variant (Fluid+ & Diamond+) for authors interested in having their books published on hardcopy.

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🌀 Fluid

The Fluid contract offers you 100% control as the author. It is perfect for authors who are willing to control the editing, marketing, distribution, and promotion of their book(s). Very much like self-publishing, the author is responsible for all that will happen to their book(s) while PabPub provides them with the platform and tools to help them achieve their publication goals. With a 70% royalty on every sale.

💎 Diamond

The Diamond publishing contract is reserved for only the best books that are submitted to PabPub. The author has a stable and long-lasting agreement with PabPub and benefits from many of these resources geared towards their book without having to pay any fee at all! This type guarantees stability and the author can enjoy the benefits of having their book featured and promoted as the stability of the agreement gives the publisher the opportunity to invest more in the book.

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