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Jewels, pearls, colored stones or mysteries? They say you never know what you'll find at the bottom of the sea. We found one, won't you like to see?

New Undiscovered Books

Whispers Of The Caribbean
Whispers Of The Caribbean
Anthology | 3 | 3.66k Ws
Solitude has a way of getting to us. Hence it helps us imagine a world, with us in it and maybe our little minions coming in si...
T.I Emokaro
Twice A Passerby
Twice A Passerby
Short | 3 | 6.98k Ws
Heroes do not need two chances, they learn from their mistakes and eventually overcome their weaknesses. Humans do though, they...
Mary Osise
The Scars That Remain
The Scars That Remain
Anthology | 3 | 6.82k Ws
A pool of thoughts, emotions and the tiny whispers in our heads. A journey through pain, drawing the curtains on old wounds and...
Amamï Coca
Dawn Of No Return: The Secret
Dawn Of No Return: The Secret's Night Mist
Action | 3 | 3.15k Ws
This is a story of man and time, of beasts and kings. It tells generally of man whose natural fear has been misplaced. It's a s...
CJ Ellah
Sweet Savour
Sweet Savour
Anthology | 3 | 4.9k Ws
In Sweet Savour love is reflected in ways that are rather relatable than mere gathered imaginative thought of the author. Amids...
Delight Olumati (...
ChickLit | 3 | 38.9k Ws
In a country where the Lebanese rule the business sector, Jessica King is a journalist at the Full News newspaper, slowly risin...
Andy Hare
Dear Obim; A Journey Through Grief And Acceptance.
Dear Obim; A Journey Through Grief And Acceptance.
Other | 4 | 6.75k Ws
Barely a year after their marriage, Uju's husband, Obinna joins the army and is killed in war. Torn by grief, she refuses to ...
Fahima Noor
King For A Day
King For A Day
Fantasy | 3 | 12.72k Ws
A throne, A Prince and A wish The King is dead and an heir is present. Toju doesn't understand why his Uncle was being crown...
Ugemuge Blessing
At The Other Side Of Our Sun
At The Other Side Of Our Sun
Short | 4.2 | 2.2k Ws
At the other side of our sun Is our darkest unknown Right before our eyes, our world burn We were never meant to be, that we...
Balogun Oladimeji

Authors of Undiscovered Books

Andy Hare
@Drea20 (Author)
@Bobmayor (Personal)
Oluwatimilehin Bankole
@Timibankole (Personal)
@Mumaannie (Author)
Boakye D. Alpha
@Alpha (Author)
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