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Selected for spotlight—these books have been chosen and recommended for you to enjoy. Check them out and let us know what you think by leaving a review.

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A Story Of Time

Prose | Thriller | 68.44k words

After losing his sister to the cold hands of death, Umar went off the grid for ten months. On the day of his return, Umar received a disturbing text message from an unknown person about a gun he had hidden and a secret nobody but Umar knows about, thus blackmailing Umar to carry out the unknown person’s bidding. To be free, Umar must find...See More

4.5 Star Rating
Abu A'ish MK Albani
@Albani (Author)

I Plead Insanity

Poetry | Anthology | 5.11k words

I PLEAD INSANITY is a collection of poems, written over a period of time from the experiences and sights of the author. Through poetry, it discusses themes of mental illnesses, rape, emotional trauma, etc. Combining subtlety with raw truth, it is a little out of the ordinary, a perfect fit for a beautiful mind.

4 Star Rating
Elienai Julius
@Thoughtsontext (Personal)

A Very Peculiar Man

Prose | General Fiction | 13.05k words

Jideofor Ndukwe has committed a great betrayal; one enough to strip him off his place in his family. But when his mother passes, the entire family is summoned back to the ancestral home. Grudges will erupt and tempers will clash but will this summon bring closure or will it culminate into the destruction of the great Ndukwes? And more importa...See More

4.2 Star Rating
Chris Achojah
@Celestialchris (Author)

Feminine Shades

Prose | ChickLit | 29.27k words

Do you like stories that display and showcase the strength of a woman? Feminine Shades depicts the heroism, super-power, and survivor traits subsumed in these seven tales. A young lady is trapped in an abusive marriage. A wife struggles to find her self-worth as a wife, mother, and career-woman. A widow tries to keep hope alive, and seeks a bet...See More

5 Star Rating
Tracey Chizoba Fletcher
@Tracey1990 (Critic/Editor)

Sincerely, Your Village People

Prose | Humor | 42.18k words

Kenechukwu Nwodo is a child of God, and no weapon formed against him shall prosper, at least that’s his firm believe. He also believes blaming your village people for your misfortunes is useless because they don’t exist. When a messenger of the gods show up at his door with a letter from his village people, Kenechukwu’s faith...See More

4.7 Star Rating
Harielta James
@Harie (Personal)
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