Colour Of My Daydream
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Colour Of My Daydream by Adekunle Abdul-_Roqeeb

Colour Of My Daydream

Adekunle Abdul-_Roqeeb

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Table of Contents



1. Vibrations

2. Colour Of My Daydream

3. Pretty Faced Demons

4. The Poem I Never Wrote

5. What Makes You Write

6. Home – The Reflection

7. The Joy Of Boyhood?

8. The Boy Who Laughed

9. The Windblown Scarf

10. If I Were A Butterfly

11. Identity

12. Crescent Tales

13. Dreams

14. A Tardy Tale

15. The 3am Thoughts

16. The Jester

17. I See Dead People

18. So Much Depends

19. Creole

20. The Sounds Of Music

21. Home – Rendezvous

22. Daydream


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