The Demons We Run From
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The Demons We Run From by Boakye D. Alpha

The Demons We Run From

Boakye D. Alpha

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Table of Contents

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Poem List


1 ~ Begone, Demon, Begone!

2 ~ A Guilty Demon

3 ~ Expectations Of Society (Diary Of A Gory Past)

4~ He Touched Me

5 ~ Broken

6 ~Bitter Blood

7 ~ Guard My Heart

8 ~ Welldone Pride

9 ~ The Stormy Ocean.

10 ~ Uncertain Uncertainty

11 ~ Rober Of Sanity

12 ~ Death Is No Relief

13 ~ Long After You Were Gone

14 ~ The Leech

15 ~ Lifeline

16 ~ Where Do Broken Hearts Go

17 ~ One Path Two Journey

18 ~ Love As An Illusion

19 ~ Toxic Addictions

20 ~ In Bed With The Devil

21 ~ Dreaded Companion

22 ~ Concealed But Not Hidden

23 ~ Eulogy To My Dead Heart

24 ~ The Demons We Run From

25 ~ Demons Became Allies

26 ~ The Coffin I Love To Hate

Bonus: The Couplets Of The Unsung Demons


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