Journey To The West
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Journey To The West by F.I.Zion

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Table of Contents



A Damsel In Distress

A Home Above The Sky

A Victim Of The Charming Night

Africa My Land, My Pride

Am I Bad, Or My Plans Do

Anger My Enemy, My Friend



Beautiful In And Out


Begone Lust

Behold The Freedom Light


Beyond The Hopeless Night

Cheer Up

Cross Not To The Other Side

Dying To Live


Glory On High, Peace On Earth

God In Man


He Calls

He Came Part 1

He Came Part 2

He Saves - Hymn

I Believe I Can Fly

I Will Never Say Never

If Death Is Dead

In Love With A Poetess

In This Circle 1

In This Circle 2

Journey To The West

Letter To A Friend


Life Within A Life

Life, Why?

Like A Dream

Lost Without A Thought


The Lovely Fight - Trimeric Poem

Maya Angelou

Mercy Said No

My Ardent Pen

My Desire

My Life Is In Your Hands

My Painful Thought - Tribute To Beautiful Heart

My Shadow

Nigeria, My Motherland

Our Hearts Won't Depart

Play Your String And Let It Sound

Poverty And A Man

Pray For Me


Send The Light - Hymn

Still I'll Rise

Take Me As I Am

Take Me Home

The Call

The Changing World

The City I Wish To Be

The End

The Faith Of Our Mothers - Our Earnest Desire

The Giants Beneath The Sky

The Golden Empress

The Grace Will Never Fail

The Groaning Man

The Immortal Gate

The Life Is You

The Lovely Fight

The Other Side

The Painted Night - Our Message To The Sky

The Phenomenal World

The Plead

The Psalm Of The Drummer Boy

The Rising Stars

The Soul Of A Pilgrim

Thought Of An Hopeless Mind

The Tales Of Love I

The Tales Of Love II

The World Of My Dream I

The World Of My Dream II

The Young Shall Grow



Under The Stars, You And I

What Is Me Without You

When I Think Of Who I Am

When The World Unites

Where Do Broken Dreams Go?

Where Were You?

With You As A Brace

You Didn't Say You'll Go - Tribute To The Lovely Mind

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