Diamonds And Hijab
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Diamonds And Hijab by I.R. Adams

Diamonds And Hijab

I.R. Adams

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Table of Contents



Meeting Again

First Meeting

Trust In God

The Magical Words

The He-Goat’s Uncle

Temper Tantrums

To Be Tainted

The Roving Eyes

Saving The World

Amina's Wedding

The Second Wife

The Rescue

The Mark Of Piety.

Where She States Her Mahr.

Hijacked Wedding Plans

The He-Goat Again

The Unexpected Visitor: Back From The Land Of The Dead?

The Henna Party?

Wushe-Wushe Party

A Plea To The Almighty One

Investigations Starts & Christy Comes Back Home!

The Day Before The Wedding

The Wedding Fatiha

The Walima Banquet

A Visit Back Home

To Kiss And Make Up.

A Secret Which Will Tear Them Apart.

A Little More Secret And Sorrow

A Little More Drama Before The Storm

The Storm Rolls In

I Won't Weep For You!

Life Goes On

Just Another Not So Ordinary Day

All The Way To Abuja!

When Allah's Help Arrives!

Maybe Your God Exists After All.

Love Is Just A State Of Mind

Don’t Feel Sorry For Me, Unless You Plan To Donate Your Liver To Me

Happy Birthday Hubby




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