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Subscription plans for binge readers
Unlimited access to all of our content
Save more on reading, one payment for all

Did you know?

It would take you over 25 thousand minutes of reading to skim through and enjoy the contents PabPub has to offer and when you subscribe once, you get access to all of these contents for you to read as much as you possibly can, to your satisfaction.

Create a custom plan
You can create any length of plan you like starting from a day to decades by simply inputing the number of days below.

Enter days length
Monthly Plan

₦1.5k (Pc136.3)

₦2.5k (Pc231.7)

Weekly Plan

₦599 (Pc54.5)

₦1k (Pc92.6)

Daily Plan

₦199 (Pc18.1)

₦338.3 (Pc30.8)

Yearly Plan

₦15k (Pc1363.5)

₦25.5k (Pc2318)

What does this mean for authors?

When we speak of authors here, we refer to all users and pages on PabPub who provide the contents that subscribers receive access to enjoy. This typically refers to authors, bloggers and other content creators on PabPub. This subscription service provides an extra way for them to earn from their works.

For every month that passes in a year, the activities of subscribers of that month are monitored and recorded by our AI. Typically this means that all books and contents they digest will be noted. At each end of the month, an amount generated and raised by these subscribers will be shared amongst the authors whose contents and books were enjoyed by the subscribers at specific shares dependent on the amount of their contents our subscribers consume.

Pretty Simple, isn't it?

More Information and FaQs

Does this replace the regular book purchasing?

No. We have decided to create this as an alternative to enable binge readers enjoy more contents at a cheaper rate, while also increasing engagement and revenue on our authors' books and content posts.

As an author, how do I know how much I am entitled to?

On monthly basis, we will execute a payout process that will credit each author and also send them a report of how much was raised for that month and what percentage of it was generated by their books and posts. This determines what the authors are entitled to.

Is this the same as buying a book the regular way?

Not really. While this provides the subscribers with full access to each books and posts, it is different from actually buying the book, because the subscriber loses access to these contents once the subscription expires. The correct term is "borrow".
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