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General Overview

Phoenix Award Books Publication – PabPub is a hybrid publisher which fuses the best attributes of self-publishing and traditional publishing of ebooks. It is designed for undiscovered authors who are yet to get their big break, an opportunity with their dream traditional publisher. PabPub is a recommended stepping stone, a bridge for authors who are yet undiscovered but have quality potential bestsellers tucked away somewhere gathering dust.

While pabpub is primarily a publishing platform designed to accommodate the spurious growth of literature and the ever dynamic taste of undiscovered authors, its main purpose is to give undiscovered books by undiscovered authors a significant chance in the spotlight. PabPub employs the smartest online marketing strategies to achieve this. With growing presence in all popular social media platforms, PabPub builds a network to reach thousands of readers around the world and makes deserving books available for these readers in an enticing way. Each book signed with PabPub is regarded personally and is spotlighted in this manner. PabPub provides a platform for these authors and also readers who are eager to find quality literary work by fresh authors, mined, cut out and filtered out of the rests in the pile, refined and found deserving of the spotlight.

Not everyone likes good quality and if you don’t, we can’t hold that against you. But for those of you who do, we have abundant treasures lying in wait, just for you.

Publishing Packages

PabPub provides authors with two unique publishing contract types – Fluid and Diamond; each tailored uniquely to the different needs of undiscovered professional authors.

The Fluid
The fluid contract provides the author with a ‘no string attached’ relationship with PabPub. The author publishes their books and when approved, these books are controlled and managed by the author, as they earn the benefits of publishing with an 85% royalty earning.
The Diamond
This is a solid relationship between the author and the publisher. Similar to the traditional publishing. Books in these categories remain exclusive to PabPub for a minimum of ten (10) years, which allow PabPub the opportunity to fully feature it, use it on ads and more, but most importantly promote it. These categories of books receive the most investments.

Each element represents the strength of the contract. More details on this are available on our publish page.

Why Use PabPub?

Promoting Undiscovered Authors
PabPub was launched in 2019 by Anisiji Paul C., an undiscovered author and founder of Fresh Writers Community, a community in which he and other professional writers train Fresh writers since 2017. For this, he is passionate for not only training these potential bestselling authors but he is eager to find a platform through which these fresh authors can showcase their improved works and further grow themselves till they reach the zenith of their dreams. For this, PabPub was created and is passionate about promoting undiscovered authors and helping them develop their crafts. PabPub is perhaps more willing and passionate about taking a chance with undiscovered authors more than any of the other publishers.
Your Peace of Mind
PabPub provides you with options which does not stick you in a tight corner. We offer you very empathetic publishing contract options that can be described only as fair; allowing you to choose what you want, and giving both parties a reasonable amount of control over your book.
Earnings and Affordability
PabPub provides authors with the opportunity to earn from their works. Although PabPub is designed to provide literary works for an affordable price; Authors can still earn significantly from their books.

This affordability of books allows far more persons to be able to afford to purchase these books, making the undiscovered author's book more discoverable. For all purchases, the author earns 70% as their royalty. They could even earn more through “author support” from fans and even up to 85% royalty, available for a specific contract type.

Readers are provided with high quality literary materials at a very fair price or free with over 60% of books being available for free. To add to this, all signed books on PabPub are complete and verified to have good quality to a good standard.
Sweet Purchase Algorithm
Paid books on PabPub can be purchased as a whole, but that is not the only option. PabPub was designed in a manner that ensures that you never get to regret purchasing a book. This was done by allowing the readers to read over 30% of the first parts of the book for preview purposes, giving them a peep at the merchandise so that they can know for sure that this is the sort of content they enjoy.

To add to this, readers may choose to purchase a book part by part, chapter by chapter, giving them power to pay for only what they want and what they can afford. If you desire to read only the preview parts of a book and then only the last chapter; be our guest. But if it pleases you , you can support our authors freely with any amount of PubCoins as you please, using the support button.
In PabPub, we have been a family ever since our days in Fresh Writers Community. Since then we have grown and expanded into a large extended family of writers and readers who love literature and even art in general. PabPub was designed to keep this family relationship alive. It provides a platform for readers and authors to socialize, using PabPub pages, posts, direct and groups messaging and more. We also have bookclubs and social media spaces through which we interact with our users and they with one another, discussing books and/or whatever is trendy in the literary space. Message us to join our book club.
Virtual Economy
With the introduction of PubCoin, an intermediate virtual currency, users are able to perform transactions and earn money. On PabPub, a user may work as an editor, critic, cover designer, blogger, influencer and more and get paid easily for their works in Pubcoin which they can then withdraw in their local currency – easy-peasy.

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