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A Haven for Bibliophiles

PabPub publishes only the most amazing books by rising authors.

💰 85% Royalties

PabPub authors could earn up to 85% royalties for a fluid contract if they have a local Nigerian bank account. Otherwise, authors earn 70% of revenues generated by the sales of their books.

🌟 Quality Content

We exclusively publish well written and well refined books of diverse origin in all sorts of genres. One could say that it is impossible to find a bad book on PabPub.

We publish and accept books in diverse genres and categories, being open minded and accepting of experimental and modern literary works.

💙 Community

PabPub creates a space for bibliophiles which allows readers and writers to enjoy the camaraderie of being with kindred spirits and rubbing like minds. Authors also enjoy valuable feedback on their books and posts.

💲 Sweet Virtual Economy

PabPub users can enjoy and appreciate the use of the sophisticated virtual currency named PubCoins. This allows users to even purchase books chapter by chapter and perform transactions such as transfer and pay to freelance editors or other services.

We are trusted and used by authors who have taken the bold step to into the next phase of their careers. PabPub provides them with a healthy platform with which to grow further and achieve their dreams.

Elienai Julius

I'm an old soul trapped in a teenage body who loves art, food and authentic music. I have a passion for visual arts, and I love storytelling. I write because I wish to show what I've seen in the world, to the world, and because I want to do so with my words.

I.R. Adams

"I am not this hair. I am not this face. I am the soul that lives within." I am I.R. Adams and I burn my imprints into the soul of my readers through stories and poems. I write emotionally gripping narratives of pain and loss, relationships, mental health, spi...

T. J. Martins

T.J. Martins is a 20-year old author of 10 books, all based on a central theme of the vices of human relationships, and their overall impact on the society. All his novels are heavily suffused with romance and thriller arcs, but they can't be adequately classified under any ge...

Boakye D. Alpha

Boakye Dacosta Junior, affectionately called ALPHA among his friends and readers is an author, poet, editor, proofreader,blogger, student journalist and an entrepreneur. He is currently, a student at Kwame Nkrumah University Of Science and Technology [KNUST] pursuing Bachel...

Benjamin Paul

Benjamin Paul is a versatile writer who treats several genres and themes in his stories and sometimes mixes them all up in one. He particularly enjoys and is more popular for his psychological works, featuring an exceptional, eccentric and controversial character who often ...

💝 Support

The support for PabPub authors is incredible. PabPub is perhaps the publisher with the most concern for rising authors since the days of its parent, "Fresh Writers Community". PabPub features undiscovered books as much as their top ranking counterparts.

We provide authors with three different incredible publishing packages which allows authors with different choices and requirements to find something that suits them well.

💎 Diamond

This is a publishing contract perfect for professional authors looking for a more traditional publishing. With Diamond Contract, their books are published and promoted for a minimum of ten years.

🌀 Fluid

Fluid contract is for self-publishing indie authors who wish to bear the weight and responsibility of the control of their book. They freely create the cover art or more and enjoy priviledges of arbitrary control.

❄ Crystal

For authors who would prefer a more temporary arrangement, Crystal contract type allows authors to get a taste of the priviledges that are peculiar to the Diamond contract but only for the short period of at least two years.

🌍 Our Reach

We have users from all over the world, from scores of english speaking countries in all of the world's inhabitted continents. And we are able to serve diverse content to these users and even do so through our external outlets in other eBook stores.

Get the App

Our mobile app is available on the Play Store and it is optimized for good offline reading experience and more. It provides multiple themes for different moods, beautiful fonts and more features including offline commenting.

Meet Our Partners

Amidst her anxiety for the future, Uju runs on the fuel of the present. Her streaks of academic heights come crashing down when she doesn’t clear Physics in her WAEC, pulling her out of her inbuilt security.

She goes to Enugu...

In Red Mud
Dorcas Akobundu

Fancy reading a poetry book that tells an actual story and isn't just a compilation of poems? Well, look no further because When Seph Met Steph is just that book.
Based on a fictional love story with real emotions, When Seph Met Steph tells...

When Seph Met Steph
Joseph Awujoola

Tiana Dakoba isn't who everyone thought she was. To everyone, the mere sight of her oozed confidence and pride. She was the "It" girl. But no one knew the battle raging inside her.

Tyler Adebiyi-Williams has always been on...

Building Bridges

Jideofor Ndukwe has committed a great betrayal; one enough to strip him off his place in his family. But when his mother passes, the entire family is summoned back to the ancestral home.

Grudges will erupt and tempers will clash but...

A Very Peculiar Man
Chris Achojah

Jennifer, a well-recognized professional model has to work with her high school crush in other to pull off the biggest job offer of her modelling career.


Blessing Afuashi Belema