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Terms and Conditions for using pabpub

All users — groups, applications or entity that use PabPub (Phoenix Award Books Publications) — are automatically subjected to comply to the terms and policies of PabPub despite the subsequent disclaimers.

This page is used to inform users regarding PabPub policies guiding the collection, use, and disclosure of Personal Information of any user using its services, and also it defines the conditions under which users should use the platform. These terms apply to the PabPub web application, mobile/PC applications and any other medium through which a user may use PabPub.

* Users must be 13 years old or above and must be allowed to use such platform in his/her country in order to use PabPub.

* The works (books) available on PabPub (including their copies and adaptations available in third party stores) are provided by the author and PabPub to be accessed by interested users. However, all of these books are copyrighted and no entity is permitted to copy these books or any part of them in any format or through any medium without prior signed permission of the publisher or author. Users are trusted to use transferrable copies of these books only for personal uses. Any misuse attracts prosecution.

* Users are permitted to share books only by their direct links and/or use of any of the share buttons available for these books.

* By signing up on PabPub, users willingly submit their personal information, such as email, name and location for PabPub to use for the personalization of services. By using PabPub, users automatically give consent to PabPub to use these information.

* Users are expected to typically own only one account on PabPub. If more than one account are detected to seem to belong to a single entity, PabPub may flag some or any of the account as an impostor account. This may lead to the deactivation of account(s) with such flags.

* Users are expected to exhibit socially acceptable and appropriate behaviors when using the platform, especially when interacting with other users or posting contents. Users that are viewed (even subjectively) to exhibit unacceptable behavior may be flagged and subsequently deactivated.

* PabPub may not lose/remove a user's account for one reason or another.

* The PabPub web app uses cookies to better the users browsing experience, especially for unique identification of each user's device. These cookies are small harmless data stored and used by most applications to store personalized information on the user's device. By using PabPub, the user consents to allow PabPub to store such information in the user's device.


* PabPub will not ask any user to pay in exchange for publishing or any other favor. PabPub is ignorant of any such transaction that may occur, except in the purchase of PubCoins.

* In the event that PabPub receives money/favor/services from any entity and it was not in purchase of PubCoin(s), PabPub may choose to accept this as a free, well-wisher donation.

* PabPub uses trusted third party service providers to perform PubCoin purchase transactions. Therefore, PabPub does not request for your credit card or account information of any sort and hence does not have access to any of such information, and so PabPub is unable to guarantee, with 100% certainty, that failure will not occur in any functionality.

* PabPub aims to deliver copies of PabPub books to any possible store and format used by any user. For this, PabPub delivers books in multiple formats, through multiple vendors at diverse costs. PabPub is unable to guarantee 100% homogeneity for all copies of these books, their formats or guarantee the services of these third party service providers. Users are subject to the terms and policies of these third party service providers as it is expected that users use services of only the service providers they already trust. PabPub may only answer to short comings that may occur only within the PabPub platform.

* PabPub strives to publish only the most excellent books in diverse genres and formats. This, however, does not guarantee that a user will be satisfied by any of the book they purchase through PabPub.

* PabPub uses a verification symbol (*insert symbol*) to indicate which books are signed and recognized or even refurbished by PabPub. This does not in anyway imply that one book is superior to the other and hence, will produce more satisfactory consumption.

* PabPub users are advised to be mindful of the contents they digest through PabPub. PabPub cannot be held accountable for how users are affected by the contents they read.

* PabPub cannot guarantee 100% security for information. No method of transmission and storage of information is 100% secure and reliable.