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Life Is No Zebra Life Is No Zebra
General Fiction | 3 | 20.35k Ws
Ola finds out that his newly wedded wife is no virgin. Upon this discovery he visits his mother and seeks to divorce her. Thro...
Shadow Shadow
Mystery/Thriller | 3 | 35.27k Ws
Blurb Stories of men who abandon their family for reasons not worth it litter all around. Stories of men who violently abuse...
Paunches And Folds Paunches And Folds
Chicklit | 2.33 | 3.39k Ws
BODY GOALS! They're the only things Bisola thinks about, and being called fat from a tender age didn't help matters at all, whi...
Neckline Of Colours Neckline Of Colours
Romance | 3 | 20.02k Ws
When Nara says yes to Ugochukwu, she doesn't mean it. But she is threatened to succumb to what is expected of her as an unmarri...
Revolt Revolt
Relationship | 3 | 175.44k Ws
Anjola Adeite is an extremely logical person in all her dealings, even in matters notorious for emotional entanglement clauses....
Bride Price Bride Price
Romance | 3.67 | 17.13k Ws
"You know I cannot commit such atrocity my love. I cannot sleep with anothers wife." Tomori stressed, looking away as...
I Dream Of Tomorrow I Dream Of Tomorrow
Anthology | 3 | 15.02k Ws
A collection of short stories featuring African characters and situations. In the opening story, a group of gay teens find t...
The Black Condition The Black Condition
Anthology | 3 | 3.59k Ws
We humans(in this case, young adults) all have the same problems. We struggle with tons of different issues that we don't reall...