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Paunches And Folds
Paunches And Folds
Ruthie Ebun
Life Is No Zebra
Life Is No Zebra
The Udechukwu

O.C Mannie
I Dream Of Tomorrow
I Dream Of Tomorrow
Michael Nwanolue
Neckline Of Colours
Neckline Of Colours
Chiziterem Chij...
A Song Yet Unsung
A Song Yet Unsung
Boakye D. Alpha
I Plead Insanity
I Plead Insanity
Elienai Julius

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Davidisms Davidisms
NonFiction | 3 | 6.98k Ws
Arguments get stressful and posting on social media can make one lose their mind, so David did the next best thing: he wrote th...
Chasing Annabelle (the Panorama Puppeteer) Chasing Annabelle (the Panorama Puppeteer)
Mystery/Thriller | 3 | 46.67k Ws
Annabelle shone like the moon, about her aura was a pearly glow. Somtoo was dim like a fatigued lantern—void of spark,...
I Dream Of Tomorrow I Dream Of Tomorrow
Anthology | 3 | 15.02k Ws
A collection of short stories featuring African characters and situations. In the opening story, a group of gay teens find t...
I, Woman I, Woman
Chicklit | 2.67 | 5.3k Ws
He was a Lion, and she was his lioness---or at least, she tried to be. Her name, Halima. Married to the President of Nigeria...
Paunches And Folds Paunches And Folds
Chicklit | 2.33 | 3.39k Ws
BODY GOALS! They're the only things Bisola thinks about, and being called fat from a tender age didn't help matters at all, whi...
Shadow Shadow
Mystery/Thriller | 3 | 35.27k Ws
Blurb Stories of men who abandon their family for reasons not worth it litter all around. Stories of men who violently abuse...
Life Is No Zebra Life Is No Zebra
General Fiction | 3 | 20.35k Ws
Ola finds out that his newly wedded wife is no virgin. Upon this discovery he visits his mother and seeks to divorce her. Thro...
When My Sorrow Was Born When My Sorrow Was Born
Fiction | 3 | 11.5k Ws
Have you ever been filled with sorrow so much that you have forgotten how to cry? She was betrayed by the one she loved most...
Unholy Unholy
Historical Fiction | 3.5 | 4.04k Ws
Blood is thicker than water, they say. The bond of family is strongest through pain, we hear. The bond between two sisters is t...
Christmas Is Red Christmas Is Red
Horror | 3 | 12.93k Ws
Adjusting her glasses, she cleared her throat and said to them; “never underestimate the quiet ones who sit silently by t...
Long Trek From Freedom Long Trek From Freedom
Historical Fiction | 3 | 10.24k Ws
A prophesy of doom from the gods whose messages were usually too subtle, was revealed to the chief priest of Umuaro, leaving hi...
Neckline Of Colours Neckline Of Colours
Romance | 3 | 20.02k Ws
When Nara says yes to Ugochukwu, she doesn't mean it. But she is threatened to succumb to what is expected of her as an unmarri...
Amobi And The Door Beyond Time Amobi And The Door Beyond Time
Fantasy | 4 | 58.9k Ws
Amobi is a super awesome priest of Amadioha, the god of thunder and lightning. He just doesn't know it yet. But after he accide...
My Father My Father's Daughter
Short Story | 3 | 3.01k Ws
Life for my family was like my Aunt Lolia's jollof rice. Rich and tasty. Every spoon of it danced on the taste buds, tingled th...
I Plead Insanity I Plead Insanity
Anthology | 3.5 | 4.35k Ws
I PLEAD INSANITY is a collection of poems, written over a period of time from the experiences and sights of the author. Through...
A Song Yet Unsung A Song Yet Unsung
Anthology | 3 | 2.33k Ws
A Song Yet Unsung is an award winning book by Boakye D. Alpha. It is a collection of poems about life, love, broken heart an...
Simplethings Simplethings
Romance | 3 | 35.78k Ws
Theodore King has a dark past. But he's been resilient and tough, managing to put his demons behind him and preventing them...