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Davidisms by Dada E. David



Arguments get stressful and posting on social media can make one lose their mind, so David did the next best thing: he wrote this book. A compilation of the author's thoughts on different issues an...
Dada E. David

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rating 3/5genre Prose > NonFiction
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Arguments get stressful and posting on social media can make one lose their mind, so David did the next best thing: he wrote this book.

A compilation of the author's thoughts on different issues and topics in this day and age. A way to start a peaceful discussion.


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1 comment[s] in part 11

And I just finished a book authored by Nigeria's future president... Dope!😋
Sunday, 14-Jul-2019

1 comment[s] in part 10

I also find pedophilia disgusting. However, for a moment, I just imagined this pedophile with telepathic powers, walking passed the two of us, while we conversed about how much we hate The guy would probably find a bridge to jump off, afterwards😂. I sometimes make excuses for these guys tho, maybe out of pity. Because I consider pedophilia worse than a condition... It's like a disease. I can't imagine being an average human, who wouldn't flinch at the sight of a person of the opposite sex, who's about my age...but would ravenously dig into a 5 year old's sheath, like I hid a treasure in there. While some people try to fight these sexual urges off, a good number of them just accept it...but either ways, it's a lot to handle. Same goes to the LGBTQ guys.
Sunday, 14-Jul-2019

2 comment[s] in part 9

So what are your thoughts on masochism?...from a logical and religious perspective.
Sunday, 14-Jul-2019

Do you think consent can also be some kind of neutralizing factor for violence and abuse, just like it is for rape. Coz as weird and disturbing as this sounds, some people give consent to being tortured...particularly masochists... Lol

1 comment[s] in part 7

Well, "the prayer of a sinner is an abomination to God"? I'd like to think otherwise...God delights in the one sinner who finds his way back it the second after the sin was committed or hours later.
Sunday, 14-Jul-2019

2 comment[s] in part 4

God is a sister part is actually, funny.
Friday, 12-Jul-2019
Wow, this is getting interesting.
Friday, 12-Jul-2019

1 comment[s] in part 5

Davidisms has been lovely so far...kudos to the author! This chapter triggered a thought tho. Are you of the opinion that thinking or believing in something you consider a fact is lesser evil(for the benefit of those, who do not believe) than the express mention of said fact? If I believe in Jesus, the implication is that I believe in the eventual condemnation of nonbelievers. There's no need to "be familiar with the fundamentals of the unbeliever's religion", otherwise, there'd be no point preaching to the nonbelievers. But If I decide not to admit this, yet I still conceive such belief, would there be any difference? Somehow, I consider that hypocrisy. Inasmuch as, I do not subscribe to castigating and stigmatizing nonbelievers... Where there is a need to state, what I consider a fact, I would...even in the faces of the nonbelievers. It's not being judgemental, it can be considered protecting them from the dangers of unbelief, which in that case, is a show of love...1cor.13:6-7
Sunday, 14-Jul-2019