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Bride Price by Timi Oyindamola

Bride Price

Bride Price

Historical Fiction

0.43 (3.43 | 17.13)

"You know I cannot commit such atrocity my love. I cannot sleep with anothers wife." Tomori stressed, looking away as she moved to untie her once white wrapper. It was now brown and dirty, s...
Timi Oyindamola

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rating 3.67/5genre Prose > Historical Fiction
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words 17.13k chapters 12
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"You know I cannot commit such atrocity my love. I cannot sleep with anothers wife." Tomori stressed, looking away as she moved to untie her once white wrapper. It was now brown and dirty, showing all she had to suffer just to make sure there was no stain of blood on it. Brown and black was allowed, but not red. Not yet.

"I would rather die than be called the wife of that animal." She hissed. "Yet you are his wife anyways, and until we leave his territory, you would always be his wife." He replied.

"My lord, I'm beginning to think that you don't want me any more." Abebi sniffles and he freezes in discomfort. "My loyalties have been sworn to the king since I became a warrior."

"You had better choose one, your loyalties to your king, or your loyalty to me."


The prophecy was simple, only Abebi could give the aged king a son, only she could bear the heir to the throne.

Thrown into a marriage she despised, Abebi runs away with her lover, the head warrior of the village, in search of refuge and another life.

But fate has other plans, as the king is not ready to have his only chance of having a son slip through his fingers.

Cue bloodshed and war, it's a fight of survival, and a quest for freedom.


For Tomori to finally get his wife, he must pay the highest bride price.

He must pay with his life.

For every love story comes with a price.


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2 comment[s] in part 12

Timi! Timi!! Timi!!! This is wonderful. I didn't see the ending this way, so it comes as a surprised. I love this.

A happy ending is always beautiful.
Monday, 22-Apr-2019
God, I can't begin to tell you how well I enjoyed this book. I practically had my heart in my mouth immediately I got deep into the plot. Its so well written and thought out. The plot, character developments, setting, everything! God😫 reading this took me back to my high school days, when I would sit in the classroom with my mates while learning yoruba, a language that wasn't my own. Back then, we were taught greetings and those who made up the Yoruba empire. The hierarchy and all, reading this has been a thing of Joy for me. You're one talented writer, and this happens to be my first read on pabpub. I'm happy I wasn't disappointed. I honestly look forward to more heart wrenching yet beautiful stories. Thank you for making this memorable for me.
Sunday, 21-Apr-2019

1 review[s]

When I first read this book on Wattpad, I remember thinking "This would be an awesome play!" and old a friend to tell the author to work hard to take this to stage or screen.

Beautiful narration and the descriptions ehn! The story takes you from emotion to emotion, keeps you gripped and if you are like me you would pause occasionally to exclaim and then people would think you are mad.

I still think it should find its way to either screen or stage - or both sef!
Wednesday, 24-Apr-2019

1 comment[s] in part 4

I thought the old man would take advantage of her ni. I'm glad she eacaped.
Monday, 22-Apr-2019

2 comment[s] in part 2

An old man. That's too much na.
Monday, 22-Apr-2019
I get Abebi. This is a lot, and the pressure of her parents are stifling. This was such an amazing chapter ♥️
Sunday, 21-Apr-2019

1 comment[s] in part 3

Son producing machine. Chai. Thank God for modern days.
Monday, 22-Apr-2019

2 comment[s] in part 1

Shebi, daughters are useless. No be someone daughter you won marry.
Sunday, 21-Apr-2019
Okay, I'm hooked! The words are pictures in my mind's eye. Wow, brilliant.♥️
Sunday, 21-Apr-2019

1 comment[s] in part 8

Oshey. 😍😍
Monday, 22-Apr-2019

1 comment[s] in part 5

World war 3.
Monday, 22-Apr-2019