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I.R. Adams
Niger state, Nigeria.

I am not this hair. I am not this face. I am the soul that lives within. I am I.R. Adams and I burn my imprints into the soul of my readers through stories and poems.

I write emotionally gripping narratives of pain and loss, relationships, mental health, spiritual and moral struggles...

T. J. Martins
Lagos, Nigeria.

T.J. Martins is a 19-year old author of 9 books, all based on a central theme of the vices of human relationships, and their overall impact on the society. All his novels are heavily suffused with romance and thriller arcs, but they can't be adequately classified under any genre as they are literary...

Andrea Hare
Monrovia Liberia

Andy Hare is a romance author who's interested in the world and the happenings in it. She loves to speak out against the ails of society in her books coupled with humor. She is a young lady with a vision: to write as many books as she can, books that touch lives and remain in the memory of her reade...


O.C MaNNIE is an Undergraduate at the University of Benin, Edo state. She writes books, which considering you're reading this, makes total sense. Her books feature some of her life experiences which enables her have a vivid imagination.
She is obsessed with Anime characters and, most importa...

Millianna Ohwode

I don't think I'll ever be able to subject myself to one genre. I'll write about me in thousands of personalities and scenerios. Every piece of me and sum of my identity, I promise, is in every story I dare to tell....

Boakye D. Alpha

Boakye Dacosta Junior, affectionately called ALPHA among his friends and readers is an author, poet, editor, proofreader,blogger, student journalist and an entrepreneur.

He is currently, a student at Kwame Nkrumah University Of Science and Technology [KNUST] pursuing Bachelor of Arts,...

Benjamin Paul

Benjamin Paul is a versatile writer who treats several genres and themes in his stories and sometimes mixes them all up in one, but he particularly enjoys and is more popular for his psychological works, featuring an exceptional, eccentric and controversial character who often scrutinize life and hu...

Chiziterem Chijioke
Lagos, Nigeria

Chiziterem Chijioke smiles a lot, she believes it's the first step to making the world a better place. Showing off the gap in her front teeth is just an added bonus. Wise beyond her years, she's a marshmallow once she gets a good romance novel and ice cream. A sucker for series, a comparison betwee...

Harielta James

Harielta James is a very simple person. She wants little out of life except One Direction coming back from their hiatus and marrying Niall Horan. She is constantly on the hunt for new songs and new things to try out, from the safety of her house of course. Her books lean towards humor, she just can'...

David Dada

Dada David Erioluwa is an 19-year-old boy. He is the son of Pastor John Dada and Pastor Mrs. Meg Dada. He is also the leader of gospel band, Higher Worship and Record label, INSTRUMENTALISTS. His most renowned work, JURY, is one that reveals a lot about him as a person. He has also written 3 other b...

Elienai Julius
Port Harcourt, Nigeria

I'm an old soul trapped in a teenage body who loves music, food and authentic music. I have a passion for visual arts, and I love storytelling. I write because I wish to show what I've seen in the world, to the world, and because I want to do so with my words....

Cynthia Nnadi
Festac Town.

Cynthia Nnadi is a young, profound novelist and poet—a student of the faculty of pharmacy, College of Medicine, University of Lagos. She is an avid reader and writer, enjoys cycling, watching anime, travelling and book chats. She is an author of a number of works, an active member of the Facul...