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General Overview:

Pabpub is an acronym for Phoenix Award Books Publication. It functions in affiliation with its writing community, Fresh Writers Community, FWC.

It is a platform powered by the Fresh Writers Community, geared towards publishing, marketing, promotional activities for mainly African books.

While pabpub is primarily a publishing platform designed to accommodate the spurious growth of literature and the ever dynamic taste of indie authors, its main purpose is to give undiscovered books by undiscovered authors a significant chance in the spotlight. Pabpub employs the smartest online marketing strategies to achieve this. With growing presence in all popular social media platforms, Pabpub builds a network to reach thousands of readers around the world and make deserving books available for these readers in an enticing way. Each book signed with Pabpub is regarded personally and is spotlighted in this manner.

In a sense, Pabpub is more like a smart literature showcase than a publisher, considering that while having it's own platform for publishing books, Pabpub also publishes through already available eBook outlets all over the world. The aim is to help authors reach more audience than they could with individual efforts, exposing their books to every reader and making it available on every commendable outlets, which the readers are already well acquainted with.

Pabpub Distribution Channels:

As said earlier, Pabpub also publishes through available eBook outlets in the world, to broaden the reading audience of our authors. Pabpub markets via the following eBook platforms but to list a few, which include:


With Pabpub, a writer’s basic requirement is to write great books. PabPub takes care of everything else. PabPub provide authors with several unconventional contract choices, which allows them to specify their exact unique desires, including the duration for which a contract would span.

This way, an author enjoys control over their books as though self-publishers and still enjoy the benefits of being published with a publisher.

Currently, PabPub provides three contract choices. As unique as every book is, PabPub works with the author to create unique contracts that will be beneficial to both PabPub and the author. Therefore, PabPub eliminates every opportunity for an author to find its offers unsatisfactory in any rational sense . The contract choices include:


Each element represents the strength of the contract. More details on this are available on our publish page and a few given below.

Publication Contract Types:


The fluid contract type is not much of a 'contract' for as the name implies, it is very flexible — accommodating changes.

A writer publishes with the fluid contract type with the main aim of reaching wider audience, showcasing their art for the world to enjoy for free for only as long as they wish. It is somewhat like publishing on wattpad and other similar freebooks platforms


This is a fairly flexible type of publishing contract, perfect in its design because it accommodates significant flexibility and yet retains needed strong contract features.

It allows the author and publisher to come to a mutually beneficial agreement after series of negotiations aimed at making sure 'everyone gets to win.' This way, an author has almost as much control over his/her work as a self-publisher and still enjoys the benefits of having publishers.

This contract type spans a short period of few years (as agreed upon) and during this short period, Pabpub does their best to reach as much readers as they can for self and the author's benefit. Books published by the crystal contract type are reasonably reviewed, edited and polished to satisfaction.


As represented by the word diamond, this contract type forms a durable author-publisher bond that usually spans many years or forever.

It is a traditional publishing contract, and books published by this contract become mainly the burden of the publisher. PabPub would work with the author intimately, reviewing, editing, revising, polishing, promoting, marketing, distributing and adapting the book. Most of PabPub’s investments are put into books of the diamond-type contract.

To The Readers

PabPub is a perfect ground for all readers, despite their individuality, culture and personal choices. With PabPub, one can be absolutely sure to get the best of books that would be worth their read and in some cases, money. PabPub typically reads a book, reviews it critically, signs it and edits it before publishing it.

PabPub is not a retailer. Authors do not get to publish anything they want or engage in malpractice, such as purchase of reviews. PabPub regulates the supply of every book in the best way possible to ensure that readers get only the best—the award winning, outstanding, eye watering books. In this sense, PabPub is like a mall where you go to and can be sure that you will not get an inferior product even if you tried.

While PabPub publishes mainly African based stories, PabPub provides a variety of books for the readers, in a way that anyone gets to find something they like and relate to, irrespective of individual origin. PabPub publishes in all renowned retail stores, providing users with the flexibility to grab a copy in any favorable store.

A reader that already owns accounts on other similar eBook platforms needn't register on pabpub. They simply need to browse our showcase, read reviews, read full stories or their previews, add books to their individual shelves and grab from their favorite platform.

A subscription to our mailing list is also recommended. With this subscription, a reader stays informed about African based literature in general, as well as those connected to the PabPub blog of course. With the blog, we communicate intimately with our readers, so that they always remain informed, receiving recommendations of the best books from around the world and the best authors. In turn, PabPub gets to eavesdrop on conversations to get an idea of what our readers want.

The blog provides our readers with the avenue to discuss books and air their opinion.

Note: Signing up on PabPub means you have automatically subscribed to our mailing list. Following our social media accounts could also work in the same sense as subscribing to the blog, but not as efficiently for obvious reasons.

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