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Tari Ibiyemi and Lani Olaere were highschool sweethearts. The very embodiment of the term ‘Young Love’, that adored one another unconditionally until Tari fell prey to the cliché vice of breaking Lani’s heart, thus killing...

T.J. Martins

Just like the seas
It is deep;
extending far down from what you see at the surface.
It is calm;
With silent whispers it speaks to you.
It is raging;
An uncontrolled anger that could bring you down.

3am Thoughts
FWC Lite Poets

Theodore King has a dark past.

But he's been resilient and tough, managing to put his demons behind him and preventing them from molding his future. When a quest for love arises along the line, in form of the beautiful and refined...

Timi Oyindamola

We humans(in this case, young adults) all have the same problems. We struggle with tons of different issues that we don't really talk about. So the author thought that if he be the honest one showing how human he is, it would make people feel a li...

The Black Condition
Emmanuel Ebireri

Life for my family was like my Aunt Lolia's jollof rice. Rich and tasty. Every spoon of it danced on the taste buds, tingled them, had the mouth watering and craving more. But there could only be so much of it before you looked down and saw an emp...

My Father's Daughter
Millianna Ohwode

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