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Ola finds out that his newly wedded wife is no virgin. Upon this discovery he visits his mother and seeks to divorce her. Through Ola's announcement, a family meeting is called and secrets start to spill.

With the once regular Afr...

Life Is No Zebra
The Udechukwu

It's often said that change is the only constant in life. Yet

humans are evolutionarily predisposed to resist change

because of the risk associated with it. Everyone wants

change but don't actually want th...

Mo with an 'e'

A prophesy of doom from the gods whose messages were usually too subtle, was revealed to the chief priest of Umuaro, leaving him and the elders in confusion and fear, unable to determine for sure, by whose sword they would fall and by which means...

Long Trek From Freedom
The Udechukwu

Spirits aren't meant to care for humans. They're delicate and fragile and die quickly when they're stepped on. But one spirit, after taking a shine to one mortal, decides to make this Christmas the best he's ever had.

Twelve Gifts and Broken Thi...
Michael Nwanolue

Life is Vanity they say. Yet we cannot help but feel unaccomplished and bothered when we do not achieve certain things that they say makes life vanity. For Thirty year old Adaora, Life is yet to be fulfilled. But when a stranger emerges on the eve...

Reincarnation And Christmas...
Chiziterem Chijioke

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