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Christmas is here.

The families in obodo oyinbo are coming back to celebrate with the ones back home, with the ones in the country under pressure to perform. It's no different for Jamuike and his family. Everyone pitches in to make...

Harielta James

Love is a dubious thing. It shifts in force and in the explicitness of feelings. It is in some cases the most wonderful thing on the planet and, at different occasions, it's the most ghastly thing we've at any point encountered.


The Space Between Time
Boakye D. Alpha

DIAMONDS trilogy, Book #1

Sometimes our lives may not go according to our plans but it definitely is going according to how HE planned it. All we just have to do is have trust in Him and be patient.

This book relates...

Diamonds And Hijab
I.R. Adams

Anjola Adeite is an extremely logical person in all her dealings, even in matters notorious for emotional entanglement clauses. Although a bit of a wallflower on the relationship turf, she has a well defined criteria for choosing romantic partners...

T.J. Martins

It wasn't supposed to be with her. It was never going to get to her. At least, that was the agreement. But somehow, it did and the fate of the country was dramatically altered.

Nigeria, the most populated country in Africa, the gian...

Conquering Extinction
Harielta James

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