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Jessica King loves the gathering and telling of information, and as a successful newspaper journalist, she does her job well and commands the respect of her male superiors.

But her job and integrity as a journalist is threa...

Andy Hare

Untold story is a collection of Poems about love, depression, secrets, life, betrayal, heart break and fear of strangers. It’s written over a period of time under the inspiration of true life events and experiences, channeled to the poetic w...

Untold Story [Anthology]

He was a Lion, and she was his lioness---or at least, she tried to be.

Her name, Halima. Married to the President of Nigeria, she was the country's First Lady. Ever dutiful and loving, she was widely considered as the best First Lad...

I, Woman
Ezeodili Paul

"This book is an intellectual classic ... It is not for the shallow minded" — Gilliam Asiedu-Danso

Annabelle shone like the moon, about her aura was a pearly glow.

Somtoo was dim like a fatigued lanter...

Chasing Annabelle (the Pano...
Benjamin Paul

Just like the seas
It is deep;
extending far down from what you see at the surface.
It is calm;
With silent whispers it speaks to you.
It is raging;
An uncontrolled anger that could bring you down.

3am Thoughts
FWC Lite Poets

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